Every Know About Cardiology CRO From Expert
Although a key opinion leader may not have an official title, they are highly respected and can be a valuable source of information. They can contribute to the development of new therapies, lead clinical Cardiology CRO practice guidelines, and develop and publish high-impact journals. They also offer expert testimony. They are frequently invited to speak at industry-sponsored P2P speaker programs and continuing Cardiology CRO medical education events. They are also frequently appointed directors of academic centers of excellence. A recent survey of the Pharma industry found that a large number of senior Pharma executives use the term in describing influential healthcare providers. Half of these executives said that the term is appropriate, and 47% disagreed. The remaining three percent of respondents are unsure. KOLs may be investigators, authors of published research, health system executives, members of patient advocacy groups, or a significant number of patients within the specialty area. They may also be active on social media platforms such as Twitter or LinkedIn. In addition to these methods, identifying KOLs can be done through literature searches or by looking at editorial boards or journals.

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