How To Choose The Right Diamonds Accent For Your Jewelry
The right accent diamonds can turn a simple piece of diamond jewelry into a glamorous showstopper. But, how can you find the right Diamonds Accent for your jewelry? Follow these tips:
  • Find the right size : It’s best to choose accent diamonds that are no larger than 15% of the size of the main stone. For example, if the main diamond is 1 carat, each accent stone should be less than 0.15 carats.
  • Select matching diamonds : It’s important to choose accent diamonds that are the same size, shape, color, and clarity so they blend together. Using different accent diamonds will distract from the beauty of the large center diamond.
  • Don’t be afraid to take risks : There’s no need to match the shape of your Diamonds Accent to the shape of the large diamond. Take risks by pairing different shapes together to create a piece of jewelry that is unique and beautiful, just like you!
Above all, remember that there are no right or wrong choices when it comes to accent diamonds. You will never regret your decision if you choose the Diamonds Accent that you love the most.
Diamonds Accent are often overlooked because of their small size, but they play an important role in jewelry design. An accent diamond can help you add the perfect amount of sparkle to your favorite jewelry pieces. Add a few for a subtle sparkle or a handful to create an intense, blindingly beautiful shine!
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