How To Choose Your Sierra Jewelry?
It's duel time! Golden jewelry or silver Sierra Jewelry, which suits you best? How to choose your jewelry, can we mix the alloys? Here are some tips to avoid fashion faux pas!
As usual on the blog, we give you advice, inspiration and various and varied tutorials. Today we tackle Sierra Jewelry. How to choose the jewel that suits you best? Are you more gold or more silver? Which colors to choose and which stones to marry with gold or silver? It's time for the duel: Golden VS Silver! The complexion is the element that will allow you to favor gold rather than silver or vice versa. Explanations. There are two skin tones: warm tones and cool tones .  If looking at your wrist you realize that your veins are more green than blue: you have a warm complexion and yellow gold is therefore made for you! If, on the contrary, your veins draw more towards blue or even purple, there is no doubt: you have a cold complexion and money is your darling! Yes yes, hair and even eyes can be criteria for choosing your Sierra Jewelry if you can't decide between two colors. Brunette with a warm complexion : you can favor stones with neutral shades to contrast with your complexion and go for gold or even silver. Everything will be to take it easy on dark alloys. Blonde to chestnut with a cold complexion : the choice is vast, you can wear almost everything. It remains to be defined whether you prefer to play the card of softness with light stones, or play it darker with darker stones. As for the alloy, it is clearly gold that will highlight your complexion! See More :

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